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The Latin Side of Jazz · Episode 15



The Latin Side of Jazz May 30

The Latin Side of Jazz is a curated playlist that showcases selected tracks from the best Latin jazz, Cuban, Brasilian, Flamenco, Ibero-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latin jazz music. We include well-known, established artists and new artists who are getting attention and global recognition.

Featured photo: Album cover Luis Deniz – El Tinajón

  1. Alejandro Meroño, Júpiter Project / Gallo de Oro / Gallo de Oro / Cuba
  2. Juan Álamo / El Morro / Rumba Panorámica / Puerto Rico
  3. Rosa Avilla / Sangue Brejeiro / Sangue Brejeiro / Brasil
  4. Sócrates García Latin Jazz Orchestra / Vantage Point / Back Home / Dominican Republic, USA
  5. Luis Deniz / Gesture / El Tinajón / Canada, Cuba
  6. Rayko León / Double Riff / A Day in Las Palmas / Spain
  7. Elizabeth Mena, Osmany Paredes / La Bikina / Single Track / México, Cuba, USA
  8. Aliaga Trio, Thierry Lujan / Tarde de Chuva / Rhumbango / France, Spain
  9. Jesús Molina, Sam Smith, Nicolás Guerrero / Cumbialada / Departing / Colombia, USA
  10. Aniel Someillan, Joaquín Sosa, Barbaro Crespo aka Machito / El Trillo / Single Track / Spain, Cuba
  11. Santi DeBriano / Ashanti / Single Track / Panamá, USA
  12. Bocato / Laura / Bocato No Mundo Real / Brasil
  13. Chabela Barberis / Guajira Habanera / Mío / Spain, Cuba

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