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Grecolandia: Homenaje a José Miguel Crego “El Greco”



Grecolandia Music Playlist

On Grecolandia, the celebrated trumpeter gets his long overdue homage from ten of the most well-known Cuban trumpeter players who are active today. The repertoire runs the gamut of feelings and expressions associated with the chameleonic “El Greco” who was equally at home swinging, speaking in the language of bebop and shuffling and gliding in the timba tempo – the latter he excelled at in various settings and ensembles during his heyday. The tribute-paying solo horn men take on the lineage of “El Greco’s” cool, spacey trumpet sound often summoning – as Thomy Lowry García does on “Swing en Las Tunas” to open the set, and Alejandro Delgado does on “Lady of my life” to suggest the breadth of “El Greco’s” musical footprint – from the traditional idioms of Afro-Cuban music to more contemporary music of Michael Jackson.

Album cover – Grecolandia: Homenaje a José Miguel Crego “El Greco”
Album cover – Grecolandia: Homenaje a José Miguel Crego “El Greco”

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