Eva Cortés Releases New Album



Honduran/Spanish Artist Eva Cortés Releases NEW JAZZ RECORD For The First Time in America.


Featuring: Romain Collin, Kendrick Scott, Luques Curtis, Mike Moreno, Reinaldo De Jesus, Christian Mc Bride. Produced by Matt Pierson

Honduran singer and composer Eva Cortés possesses one of today’s most compelling new voices in jazz. In Bloom is a reminder of the beauty, compatibility, and connectivity of the intertwined cultures we live amongst. Cortés looks to the future with her New York based jazz quintet while maintaining her Honduran/Spanish roots. Eva’s dream to grow her audience across the seas is coming to life with this project, along with her fulfilled wish to record with some of her favorite musicians in NYC.

“In Bloom is a rebirth, it is the beginning of a cycle and a new sound in my music, which is why I decided to record in the States with a new crew.”

Eva Cortés was born into a musical family who, early on exposed her to Soul, Funk, Motown, Opera and Jazz. While Cortés’ confesses that Jazz is her mainstay, this self-taught singer creates beautiful music without boundaries. At the age of three, the Cortés family moved from Honduras to a neighborhood in Sevilla, Spain where flamenco was part of the fabric of everyday life:

“Everybody sang, cooked and played the radio with the windows open. It impregnates you.”

Eva recorded her first demo at the young age of four, which led to her first album, “Kid’s Stuff,” where she collaborated with three renowned Spanish artists; Ana Belen, Miguel Bose, Victor Manuel and Mocedades. Since then, Eva has successfully released five recordings as a solo artist. In Bloom, her sixth release, clearly displays her growth and development, highlighting her gifts as a well-versed bilingual vocalist. Each of the eleven tracks presents something special, with addictive melodies and captivating arrangements. Not only are her lyrics deeply moving and well-thought out but the band brings the same excellence throughout the recording.

The band includes; Romain Collin on piano and keys (has appeared with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard), Luques Curtis on bass (Eddie Palmieri, Sean Jones), Mike Moreno on guitar (Joshua Redman, Claudia Acuna, Jason Moran), Kendrick Scott on drums (Pat Metheny, Diane Reeves, Kenny Garrett), Reinaldo De Jesus on percussion (Dispatch, Antybalas) and Christian Mc Bride on bass.

“We had very little time to record the album, it was risky, but so magical.”

Producer, Matt Pierson, known for his productions with Brad Mehldau, Joshua Redman, and James Moody, skillfully produces a great body of music with some of the best musicians in New York City.

The album fittingly and gracefully opens with Sol (Sun). This South American/ Jazz infusion carries an original story where Eva sings about the sun as a source of nourishment for all things including her self. In Spanish she asks the Sun, ‘You’ve done so much for me, what can I do for you?’ If the Sun could respond it would most likely say, ‘just continue to bloom.’

Eva blooms indeed, reaching for more she takes on a musical risk with Whatever Lola Wants, a popular composition by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross written for the musical play “Damn Yankees.”

“I chose this song to challenge myself, I love to face my weak points and overcome them! It’s a playful and powerful song that I now enjoy to the fullest.”

Camino de Vuelta is a bass and voice duo, which lends a breath to this beautiful collection of tunes. You find yourself effortlessly lost between the Spanish tinge in her voice, and the strong blues lines and rhythms played by the great Christian McBride on bass.

The closing track, Puñadito de Arena is an original song inspired by the North Coast of Honduras where the Garifuna tribe settled. Eva’s mother sang it with her own trio, Copantl, inspiring Eva to take it on as a duo with the impressive Kendrick Scott on drums.

From the electronic rock style of the Radio Head cover Glory Box, to South American-influenced numbers like Sol and No Quiero Ser Tu Princesa, this album offers a beautiful blend of modern jazz with the “Eva Cortés touch.” Using a blend of styles, musicians, and language, Eva adds a unique voice in the world of jazz.

“My music is nothing but a reflection of what my life has been… In Bloom represents how I feel about music and life, I look forward to sharing my journey through this album as well as in my performances.”

Eva Cortés ~ “In Bloom” Release Date: February 3, 2015

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