NO BOUNDARIES (Whaling City Sound) will be released on July 26, 2019. It features two-time Grammy winner Ted Nash (flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax), five-time Grammy nominee Karrin Allyson (vocals), and two-time Grammy winner Carlos Henriquez (bass).  Jerome Jennings is on drums. On the Afro-Cuban tunes, three great Cuban musicians join on batá, conga, bongo, guiro and timbales: Mauricio Herrera, Miguel Valdés, and two-time Latin Grammy winner Carlos Caro.  Here’s a sneak preview of “Lennie’s Pennies!”

Dave Bass celebrates the July release of his new CD, NO BOUNDARIES, at the Auburn State Theater (Auburn, CA) on August 10 with the Dave Bass Jazz Quartet featuring Jacam Manricks (flutes, clarinet, saxes), Ben Kopf (bass) and Jim Frink (drums). Dave will be playing standards and originals from his new CD. The music ranges from swingin’ straight-ahead jazz and ballads to a taste of evocative Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music.

Dave explains, “I’m delighted to bring my jazz quartet to this wonderful new venue for me. Plush tiered seating in a classic concert setting. Great-sounding Steinway, great sound system, and free parking. Limited seating so get your tickets now. I guarantee an inspirational evening of music in a true theater setting.”

“Dave Bass is a visionary. His original compositions are rich and evocative. He loves swing and groove equally and brings passion to everything he plays.”  – Ted Nash


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