Miguel de Armas: Afro-Cuban Meets Jazz


“Afro-Cuban Meets Jazz” featuring Miguel de Armas Quartet,
Jane Bunnett & Amado Dedéu García

Saturday February 11 @ 9pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A – $26.50

Jane Bunnett – flute/soprano sax; Amado Dedéu García – vocals/percussion; Miguel de Armas – piano; Marc Decho – bass; Michel Medrano – drums; Arien Villegas – Congas

Multiple Juno award winner, Jane Bunnett -known for her extensive travels and work in Cuba and with Cuban musicians- will get her ultimate groove on with Miguel de Armas Quartet alongside the talents of Afro Cuban percussionist and vocalist Amado Dedeu Garcia.

Pianist and composer Miguel de Armas is fully committed to reviving the jazz-fusion era, but this time chock full of Afro-Cuban-isms in this pastiche of textures, breaks and groovy chords. His craft continues to evolve and draw inspiration from both his Afro-Cuban heritage and the world around us.

Miguel de Armas will continue shaping and reshaping the themes, forms and rhythms which have provided him with inspiration for his life’s work. In whichever idiom he works, his future musical creations will be melodious, rhythmic, exciting and bear in their intriguing intricacies the artist’s inherent intention of transforming the daily routines of our lives into something more beautiful and significant.

The twists and turns on this project are in a way a tribute to the ever-present influence of Afro Cuban music in jazz and the creation of a musical genre itself, but add the richness of the island’s tradition through the presence of those timeless rhythms (and instruments) of the African diaspora. The complexities of the music will target an audience of musicians, jazz aficionados and public in general.



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