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Michele Rosewoman and New Yor-Uba Kickstarter



Join New Yor-Uba’s 30-year anniversary celebration as we mark this milestone with a studio recording and debut CD release.

New Yor-Uba, A Musical Celebration of Cuba in America, Celebrates 30 Years!

This year being our 30th anniversary, I can’t imagine a more appropriate or lasting way to mark this milestone moment in our history. We are here at Kickstarter to raise the funds for the April studio recording and September CD release of New Yor-uba’s first CD. We are in need of your support as we embark on this expensive endeavor that has been a long time coming. This fund raising effort is for both the recording of the CD and for its release.  We are asking for $23,000 to help cover the expenses of paying these 10 great musicians, studio time, mixing and mastering, duplication and marketing.

To conceive a thoroughly uncompromised synthesis of spiritually-based Cuban Folkloric music and contemporary jazz concept, I have spent a lifetime immersing myself in the essence of these two profound musical traditions. With your support, our 30 years of evolution reach fruition here and now.

This is our first studio recording. Repertoire will include the debut of new and rarely performed music alongside New Yor-Uba classics. Personnel will reflect the ensemble’s 30 year trajectory as well as new faces.

At our first rehearsal three weeks ago my instincts regarding choice of personnel were confirmed. With this group of amazingly creative and tradition-drenched voices I seem to have found a striking balance and affinity that will be reflected in every way in the music we are about to document:

  • Oliver Lake: Alto and Soprano Saxophones
  • Gary Thomas: Tenor Saxophone and Flute
  • Freddie Hendrix: Trumpet
  • Vincent Gardner: Trombone
  • Howard Johnson: Baritone Saxophone and Tuba
  • Yunior Terry: Bass
  • Adam Cruz: Drums
  • Pedrito Martinez: Batá, Congas and Vocals
  • Roman Diaz: Batá, Congas and Vocals
  • Abraham Rodriguez: Batá, Congas and Vocals
  • Michele Rosewoman: Piano and Vocals

New Yor-Uba is the tapestry that weaves together all of my dreams experiences, knowledge, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been and the life or lives I’ve lived.  And this recording will be a dream fulfilled, the manifestation of what is truly one of my greatest goals.

I feel confident that between the video and information provided here you will agree that our history speaks for itself. And I present this all to you knowing without a doubt that this project is noteworthy, valuable and deserving of your support. We invite you to be a part of it and celebrate our 30th anniversary with us

The funds we raise here will be used for all expenses related to recording and releasing this CD. I want to compensate these great musicians for their invaluable contributions, and the studio costs for recording, mixing and mastering plus the costs of duplication and marketing are substantial.

Thank you so much for your time, interest and consideration.

Blessings to all!  Michele Rosewoman

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