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Julian Gutierrez To Release His Second Album: “Goldstream”



Julian Gutierrez
Pianist, Composer, Arranger Julian Gutierrez

Montreal, January 7, 2023 – Julian Gutierrez reinforces his ambition with the Julian Gutierrez’s Project by launching a second physical album, Goldstream on February 9, 2023. Moving between the borders of jazz and Latin music, this virtuoso pianist of Cuban origin makes his mark by offering a second opus totally in your image.

The artist invites the press to the launch of his physical album Goldstream on February 9, at 7:30 pm, which will be held at the Salle Émile-Legault in a warm atmosphere, to better immerse themselves in his music so festive.

“This project is the realization of hard work that began during my doctoral studies. As much in terms of composition, harmonic and melodic research as in terms of interpretation. My album Goldstream is part of a series of projects close to my heart. Modal jazz, Latin jazz and pieces arranged with a big band formation. Another great source of inspiration for me is nature, both the landscapes of my homeland of Cuba, and the beauty and poetry that emanate from the landscapes of Canada, my host country. The blaze of colors on Mount Orford in Estrie, the Goldstream salmon river in Victoria, British Columbia, among others. I am very happy to have collaborated with exceptional musicians who helped me convey my vision and my music. Thank you all!” – Julian Gutierrez

Julian Gutierrez's Project: Goldstream
Julian Gutierrez’s Project: Goldstream

Goldstream is a bold project resulting from several collaborations, a project whose rhythmic base is composed of Julian Gutierrez on piano, compositions, and arrangements; Jean-François Martel on electric bass, and arrangements; Eugenio “Kiko” Osorio on congas, and percussion; as well as Axel Bonnaire on drums. Some of the most flamboyant collaborations include Joao Lenhari on flugelhorn and trumpet in the pieces Adaptate and Polymita; Jean-Pierre Zanella on soprano and alto saxophones in Colores, Polymita, and Piloto automatico; Guillaume Carpentier on tenor saxophone in Goldstream, and Flamingo cubano; Muhamed Abdoul Al Khabir, solo trombonist, in Caminando. Lastly, let’s not forget, on trumpets, Dominic Rossi and Maxime Béchard-Pelletier; on alto and tenor saxophones, Guillaume Carpentier; and, on trombone and euphonium, Mathieu Tarlo and Jean-Philippe Dutil.

About Julian Gutierrez: Julian Gutierrez is originally from Holguín, Cuba where he received an academic musical education of the highest level possible. He is the heir to a family musical tradition. At the start of his professional career, he toured Europe, Mexico and the United States with the group Mezcla, then arrived in Quebec in 2001. He earned a bachelor’s degree in jazz from the University of Sherbrooke, then a master’s degree and a doctorate in jazz. at Laval University, which immersed him in the musical reality of Quebec, making him friends with many of his musicians from the world of jazz. He shared the stage with Jean-Pierre Zanella, Paul Brochu, Alain Labrosse, Mohamed Abdoul Al Khabir, Jacek Kochan among others. He meets Jean-François Martel (originally from Victoriaville) Axel Bonnaire (originally from Guadeloupe) and Eugenio ‘Kiko’ Osorio master percussionist of Cuban origin and plunges back into Jazz with constantly renewed pleasure. The sound of Julian Gutierrez’s project is at the crossroads of modernity and tradition, spiced with a hint of what is called the “Gran Caribe”.

YouTube Video – Julian Gutierrez’s Project: Goldstream

Rhythmic base musicians:
Julian Gutierrez: piano, compositions and arrangements
Jean-François Martel: electric bass and arrangements
Eugenio ‘’Kiko’’ Osorio: congas and percussions
Axel Bonnaire: drums

Guess artists:
Joao Lenhari: flugelhorn and trumpet on Adaptate et Polymita
Jean-Pierre Zanella: saxophones soprano and alto on Colores and Polymita and on Piloto automatico
Guillaume Carpentier: saxophone tenor on Goldstream and on Flamingo cubano
Muhamed Abdoul Al Khabir trombone solo on Caminando

Musicians on Caminando & Flamingo Cubano:
Trumpets: Dominic Rossi and Maxime Béchard-Pelletier
Saxophones alto, ténor Guillaume Carpentier
Trombone & Euphonium: Mathieu Tarlo & Jean-Philippe Dutil

Mix & Mastering: Dany Roy.

Production: Dany Roy, Julian Gutierrez, Vincent Martel WWW.VERSION10.CA

Content Source: Alain Mercier / Divertissement Mercier

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