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Jazz Trombonist Doug Beavers Releases New Album: SOL



Doug Beavers producing the Sol album vocal sessions, July 2020.

GRAMMY® Award-Winning Jazz Trombonist Doug Beavers Releases New Album on December 4, 2020

Featuring Vibraphone Legend Joe Locke, Vocal Phenoms Ada Dyer and Jeremy Bosch, & Latin Jazz Drummer Extraordinaire Robby Ameen

New York, NY — Thursday, November 12, 2020 –GRAMMY® Award-winning Doug Beavers is of the stature of NYC’s top jazz aficionados who fearlessly push the boundaries of the genre itself while honoring the legends that have paved the way. An ace trombonist for Eddie Palmieri‘s legendary “La Perfecta” band and the current lead trombonist for the awe-inspiring Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Beavers has humbly commemorated on his solo recordings the foremost Latin jazz arrangers (Art of the Arrangement, 2017) as well as the unsung heroes of trombone on Titanes del Trombón (2015). On his forthcoming new full-length studio album, Sol, Beavers steps into the spotlight like never before.

Sol showcases a dozen scintillating original compositions featuring special guests Joe Locke (Kenny Barron, Eddie Henderson) on vibraphone, the deeply soulful vocalist Ada Dyer (Chaka Khan, Roberta Flack), Latin jazz vocal sensation Jeremy Bosch (Spanish Harlem Orchestra), and Robby Ameen (Ruben Blades, Dizzy Gillespie) on drums. Sol is set for international release on Friday, December 4, 2020 on Circle 9, a new subscriber-supported independent record label launched by Beavers. Circle 9 is a full music production service offering end-to-end music creation including composition and arrangement, and mixing and mastering by GRAMMY® Award-winning composers, producers, and engineers.

Shooting the “Sol” (single) music video, Ray Barretto Park, Bronx NY, September 2020

Recorded in New York City during the COVID-19 global pandemic, Beavers sought out to produce an empowering album to help rekindle connections, build community, bridge divides, and return to values centered around kindness and compassion. At the heart of Sol, Beavers revisits the sounds of the 1970s when addictive bass riffs, sophisticated horn arrangements, and African rhythms dominated the charts with funk/soul hits. It wouldn’t be a Beavers recording though if it didn’t have a powerful punch of Latin jazz and the best salsa players/singers NYC has to offer performing on the tracks. Hence, Sol dives deep into an organic alchemy of salsa, jazz, and R&B.

Inspired by the success of 2019’s album Pop, a project Beavers produced and played on for the Yellow House Orchestra, he found himself on a writing retreat in the Spanish port town of Sitges. In a café facing the Balearic Sea as the sun began to fade, Beavers laid out a series of manuscripts that would eventually transpire into Sol.

“It was the vibe of the sun telling me everything is going to be OK. I just took my score paper and the music immediately started pouring out,” Beavers recalls. “You know, we’ve all been through a lot in 2020, and I wanted to record a New York album that uplifts people and puts smiles on their faces. I know that sunshine has that natural effect on me, thus I named the album, Sol.”


1. Sol (ft. Jeremy Bosch) 6:27
2. Mia (ft. Carlos Cascante) 6:39
3. Jillalude 1:17
4. Clarity. 6:20
5. ? 0:52
6. Sonic (ft. Joe Locke & Jeremy Bosch) 6:14
7. Sunshine (ft. Joe Locke) 4:08
8. Pasos 6:24
9. -11 1:25
10. Eterno 3:43
11. Quédate 6:08
12. Ride (ft. Ada Dyer) 6:45


Doug Beavers, trombones 
Jeremy Bosch, lead vocals, lyrics (Sol, Quédate, Sonic) backing vocals, coros
Carlos Cascante, lead vocals, lyrics (Mia, Eterno), coros 
Ada Dyer, lead vocal (Ride), backing vocals
Marco Bermudez, coros
Yeissonn Villamar, piano, rhodes, keyboards
Mike Ciro, guitars 
Jerry Madera, bass
Ruben Rodriguez, bass (Sol, Ride)
Robby Ameen, drums
Luisito Quintero, timbales, bongos, guiro, triangle, shaker
George Delgado, congas, itótele, shekere
Camilo Molina, okónkolo, iyá
Johnny “Dandy” Rodriguez, guiro (Sonic, Sunshine)
Max Seigel, bass trombone, tuba 
Jonathan Powell, trumpets, flugelhorn
Joe Locke, vibraphone (Sonic, Sunshine)
Eric C. Davis, french horns 
Ivan Renta, soprano sax (Eterno)
Oliver Santana, alto sax (Ride)

Composed, Arranged and Produced by Doug Beavers
©2020 Nine Shades Music Publishing
Recorded by KOSTADIN KAMCEV at Studio Mozart, Little Falls NJ
Lyrics on ‘Ride’ by WALTER PARKS
Additional recording by GUIDO DIAZ at Skylight Recording, Union NJ
ADAN PEREZ at Allertone Studios, Bronx NY, and CHARLIE CONTREAS at Powerhouse Studios, Bronx NY
Mixed by DOUG BEAVERS at Circle 9 Studio
Mastered by DAVID DARLINGTON at Bass Hit Recording, New York, NY

*Source: JP Cutler Media

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