Celebrating Mario Bauzá and his Legacy


Mario Bauza
100 years ago, on April 28, 1911, Mario Bauzá was born in La Habana. Today, he would be celebrating his 100th Anniversary. His musical legacy is enormous. Marrying Afro Cuban rhythms and Jazz, he is a founding Father of Afro Cuban Jazz (which over the years would evolve into what we now know as Latin jazz). He continues to influence musicians around the world. Being April Jazz Appreciation Month, let’s celebrate Mario Bauzá and his tremendous achievements.

Profile of Trumpeter Mario Bauzá
By Jacob Teichroew, About.com Guide

Bobby Sanabria’s Clave Chronicles – Mario Bauzá

Mario Bauzá – Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture
By Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama

Mario Bauzá – Wikipedia

Enlaces en Español:

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Bauzá, la raíz latina del jazz
Por Adriana Carrillo Silva – elespectador.com


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