AJAZZGO 2011 – XI Encounter in Cali City


AJAZZGO 2011 – XI Encounter of Jazz Fusion and Experimental Creators in Cali City

For seven days Cali city will enjoy more than eighty jazz artists integrated in twelve bands (four national and eight international). The festival will offer the spectators twenty-six educational and artistic activities on eight different stages; there will be eleven free concerts and workshops and fifteen shows with discount prices for students and seniors.

Report by Oscar Montagut – From Bogotá, Colombia – August 28th, 2011

Cali City will be the place to meet a variety of extraordinary composers, musicians and interpreters of jazz music because this warm Colombian city will celebrate the eleventh edition of the Ajazzgo Festival from September 5th to 11th, 2011. International artists like John Scofield, Bobby Carcassés, Harold López-Nussa, Deborah Carter, Diego “El Cigala”, Karlos Rotsen, and Luigi Cinque will part of the schedule during this jazz week. This year the spectators will watch Colombian artists like Ensamble El Colectivo, Third Level, Andrés Ortíz, the Cali Philharmonic Orquestra, Samuel Torres and Ricardo Jaramillo.

The Name of the Festival is a Discovery

In a Latinamerican context the word “Ajazzgo” to name a jazz festival is very interesting because it sounds the same as the word “hallazgo” which means in Spanish “discovery”. At the same time in English the word “Ajazzgo” could be read like A – JAZZ – GO, in other words “Mr. Jazz, go ahead, just be you”. This festival has a title that invites the spectator to let the music be and this is shown by the commitment that the Ajazzgo directors and staff have to their city, spectators and music.

Latino Artists

The invited artists from the magical island Cuba are Bobby Carcassés and Harold López-Nussa. Mr. Carcassés, called by the Cuban people “the Afrocuban Jazz Guru”, is a recognized Jamaican painter and musician who lives in Cuba (his adopted country). Another Cuban musician is Mr. López-Nussa who comes from a musical dynasty and has won many prestigious awards like the Montreux Festival Revelation Pianist award. He currently is the pianist of the well-known singer Omara Portuondo. He will play with Ruy Adrian López Nussa (drumes), Gastón Joya (bass) and Mayquel Gonzales (trumpet).

European Artists

From the old continent the audience will have the chance to watch Karlos Rotsen, Diego “EL Cigala”, and Luigi Cinque. Mr. Rotsen is a West Indian composer and pianist who will bring his work full of different elements like afro, funk, soul and gospel. Rotsen’s band includes Irving Acao (sax), Arnaud Dolmen (drums) and Damian Nueva Cortes (double-bass). El Cigala, the famous flamenco singer, will bewitch the audience with his feeling and energy singing the typical Spanish folklore music accompanied by the guitarist Diego del Morao. Mr. Cinque, representing Italy, has done interesting work in different fields like poetry, music, literature and cinema. All this background shows that Mr. Cinque is an integral artist who is able to compose music from almost any human art. This time he will play the sax, clarinet, gaita and piano with his partner Bonafede who will play the keyboard.

American Artists

From the United States music lovers will listen to two well-known musicians; Deborah Carter and John Scofield. Mrs. Carter is a singer who will visit to show her experience living as an artist in Europe. Originally from Texas, United States, Deborah Carter has devoted her life to jazz singing in different countries like Japan, Holland and Europe. This beautiful singer will play with Mark Zandveld (bass), Coen Molenaar (piano) and Enrique Firpi (drums). John Scofield is the other American musician who will be playing at the Enrique Buenaventura Theater on the last day of the festival. Mr. Scofield is one of the principal innovators of modern jazz guitar. He has played with legends like Gary Burton and Miles Davis, and his work has been acclaimed by critics and jazz lovers around the world. Mr. Scofield will play with his band (Ben Street, bass; Bill Stewart, drums; and Michael Eckroth, piano).

Colombian Artists

The remarkable Samuel Torres and Andrés Ortíz will be some of the local artists for this edition of the festival. Mr. Torres is a virtuous percussionist who won the second place in the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition for Hand percussion. He has performed with jazz artists including Tito Puente, Chick Corea, Poncho Sanchez and Michael Brecker among other great musicians. Mr. Torres will play with the Cali Philharmonic Orquestra.

Another talented Colombian musician in this festival is Andres Ortíz. After studying in the Aula del Conservatori del Liceu, and taking classes with Bebo Valdes, Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin, Andrés Ortíz won the Diversons Competition in Europe which allowed him to tour Spain and Portugal. Mr. Ortíz will play in Ajazzgo with the bass player Antonio Cervellino and drummer Brian Quinn.

Ajazzgo Festival Schedule

September 5th.

– Bobby Carcassés & Afrojazz Septet (Cuba)

– Ensamble El Colectivo (Colombia)

Place: Los Cristales Outdoor Theater. 6:00 pm.

September 6th.

Harold López-Nussa Quartet (Cuba)

Place: Comfandi Cultural Centre. 8:00 PM.

September 7th.

– Daniela Chabarría – Solo danza fusión jazz  (Cuba)

– Deborah Carter Quartet (Holland)

Place: Enrique Buenaventura Theater. 8:00 pm

September 8th.

Third Level. Director José Gallegos (Colombia)

Place: Salamandra Theater. 8:00 pm

September 9th.

Andrés Ortíz – Trío (Switzerland – Colombia)

Place: Comfandi Cultural Centre. 6:00 pm.

September 9th.

– Cali Philarmonic Orquestra – Invited Soloist: Samuel Torres – Invited director: Ricardo Jaramillo (Colombia).

Place: Enrique Buenaventura Theater. 8:00 pm.

September 10th.

– Karlos Rotsen Quartet (French Antilles)

Place: Comfandi Cultural Centre. 6:00 pm.

September 10th.

– Cigala & Tango – Sextet (Spain)

Place: Enrique Buenaventura Theater. 8:00 pm.

September 11th.

Luigi Cinque Ópera Duet (Italy)

Place: Comfandi Cultural Centre. 6:00 pm.

Septiembre 11.

John Scofield – Quartet (Usa)

Place: Enrique Buenaventura Theater. 8:00 pm.

Website: www.ajazzgofestival.com


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