Yuri Juárez – Ocaso y amanecer


Guitar Sapiens is, without a doubt, the most ambitious project undertaken by the prodigiously talented Peruvian composer and guitarist, Yuri Juárez. Everything about it has been conceived on a very large scale – from the name of the album, to the Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired graphics across the magically-designed cover, the length of the recording (it is almost two hours long), spread over two discs, and then there is the music itself. The very conception of it seeks to place its music into the Peruvian tradition not only through emphatically pledging allegiance to it but also reimagining the tradition itself in reverential as well as in a bold new manner. In all of this Yuri Juárez has acquitted himself with aplomb – both in his ambitious compositions, his writing for ensembles large and small and of course, his exceptional playing throughout.

Music composed by Yuri Juárez
Filmed by ONErpm studios New York City
Cast: Yuri Juárez, Shirazette Tinnin, Renato Diz, Pablo Menares and Jhair Sala.
Song: Ocaso y amanecer
Album: GUITAR SAPIENS (2016)


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