Kiki Valera y su Son Cubano: Mi Son


From Kiki Valera’s new CD, Vivencias en Clave Cubana, released on the Origin Records label on Oct 18, 2019. (son) Composed by Coco Freeman & arranged by Kiki Valera; filmed in Santiago de Cuba, June 2019.

Kiki Valera – director y cuatro; Coco Freeman – cantante líder; Alain Garcia Bueno – cantante / claves; Carmen Rosa Alarcón – maracas; Ernesto Valera Alarcón – bongo; Emilio Rodriguez – congas; José Luis Losada – guitarra; Angel Caballito Beltrán (hijo) – trompeta; Angel Beltrán Contreras – trompeta; Adolfo Aguilera– Bajo.

Kiki Valera: Vivencias en Clave

MI SON is a tribute to the Son Cubano, crafted as the lyrics proclaim, with grace, poetry, rhythm and love. MI SON es un homenaje al son cubano, elaborado como se expresa en su texto con gracia, poesía, ritmo y amor.

Recorded & mixed at FVM Studio, Seattle WA by Kiki Valera & Michael Lazarus
Mastered by Michael Lazarus –
Produced by Naomi Bierman
Audiovisual by David Hernández of LCA

Mr Valera’s cuatro adds a breathtaking lusciousness to the son cubano, guaracha, bolero and trova music that is on this album. His range and idiosyncrasy of attack and colours is dazzling. The music is traditional. Almost all of it has been composed by the vocalist Mr Freeman. But clearly, for both Mr Valera and Mr Freeman, the inner dynamic of “tradition” is innovation and there is plenty of this on the recording which sets off with terrific swagger as the ensemble launches into “Mi Son”. – Raul da Gama


  1. Great interview with coco freeman on wpkn 89.5 fm out of bpt ct today muchas gracias a louis . Give me a shut out if anyone knows where I can purchase spanish harlem orchestra latest cd = the latin jazz project. I’m in the new haven ct area. Life long latin jazz aficionado


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