Alfredo Rodriguez Trio ft Ganavya – Tocororo


In Tocororo – his new album on Mack Avenue Records – Alfredo Rodriguez’s story is represented by the national bird of Cuba. The Tocororo is a bird that if caged dies of sadness, reflecting not only the desire for liberty, but the necessity of it. Beyond that, though, is the story of everything else the bird represents: freedom, travel, and cross-pollination. In Rodriguez’s case, it represents the cross pollination of his Cuban culture with all of the cultures he has experienced throughout his musical journey. “What I wanted to do in this recording was to open myself up to the world, while honoring my roots at the same time,” he says. Rodriguez did just that and assembled an international band, representing the unique cultures of Ibrahim Maalouf from Lebanon, the French-Cuban duo Ibeyi, Cameroonian vocalist and bassist, Richard Bona, flamenco style singer Antonio Lizana, and Indian vocalist Ganavya Doraiswamy.

Alfredo Rodriguez (Piano)
Ganavya Doraiswamy (Vocals)
Reinier Elizarde (Bass)
Michael Olivera (Drums)

Filmed by Jaime Massieu and Ángel Vallejo
Edited by Jaime Massieu


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