Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz


Orkestra Rumpilezz’ acclaimed debut studio album was released in 2009 with mostly positive reviews from the critics. Paulo Cavalcanti from Rolling Stone Magazine granted the album a 4-stars sign whilst Antônio Carlos Miguel from O Globo suggested it was the “inspiration of the year”. Lauro Lisboa Garcia from Estado de São Paulo went beyond and appraised the album as “one of the most brilliant albums of all time”. Pedro Alexandre Sanches from Brazo! Magazine highlighted it as “Bahian avant-garde”.

The group recorded the self-titled album in Castro Alves Theater in Salvador. The album was mixed in the Legacy studio in New York with Grammy winner Joe Ferla as its sound engineer. The record features eight songs authored by Letieres Leite and a revisited Rumpilezz-style Balendoah, a song by the great Brazilian musician Ed Motta. A video clip of a show filmed inside the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos in the historic Pelourinho neighbourhood is also available in the media.

Song list: A Grande Mãe (Entrada) | Anunciação | Aláfia | Floresta Azul | Taboão | Balendoah Adupé Fafá | O Samba Nasceu na Bahia | Temporal | A Grande Mãe (Saída)


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