Eddie Daniels: Lôro (Heart of Brazil)


Lôro is the first track of the album Heart of Brazil | A Tribute to Egberto Gismonti by Eddie Daniels, released in 2018 on Resonance Records.

“Eddie Daniels has become, without a doubt one of the finest clarinetists in the past fifty years or so. In fact, apart from Paquito D’Rivera, there is probably no one who plays this unforgiving instrument with more virtuosity and elegance than Mr Daniels. But even with his genius on the proverbial “licorice stick” absolutely nothing could guarantee that he would be able to pull off such demanding repertoire by one of the greatest composers of music of our time: Egberto Gismonti. Here is a musician who was spurred on to find his voice, refine his vision and reach for his Holy Grail back in Brasil by Anton Webern’s pupil, Jean Barraqué, and the legendary pedagogue Nadia Boulanger. The latter urged him to “be a little irresponsible in [his] music, just trust and break the rules” which drove him to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rain forest and their music. This encounter altered his perspective, changed the expressive possibilities of musical language and fertilised his work.” – Raul da Gama


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