Alex Diaz & Santo Domingo Afrojazz: Simone


Simone is the first track of the album Organic Merengue (Merengue Orgánico) by percussionist Alex Diaz & Santo Domingo Afrojazz, released in 2018.

“One important aspect of the music on this disc that strikes you almost immediately is that a Hammond B3 organ is melded in with the Organic Merengue (Merengue Orgánico). Alex Diaz could not have found a more important musician to bring the sanctified sound of a Holy Rolling Southern AME church into the grassroots music of The Dominican Republic. Greg Lewis is one of the finest exponents of the instrument and not just for the facility with which he plays the instrument, but for the fact that he is able to inform this music with the elemental fervour in the African (spiritual) influences that unites the African diaspora across the Caribbean and the United States.” – Raul da Gama


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