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Maureen Choi Qu4rtet – Ida y Vuelta



A music video of the title track of their latest album Ida y Vuelta, Maureen Choi Qu4rtet presents this video with some of the members of Ballet Nacional de España.

Vídeo de la canción que da titulo al album Ida y Vuelta. Maureen Choi Qu4rtet grabó este video con algunos miembros del Ballet Nacional de España.

Sound Engineers: Jose Luis Crespo; Juan Diez; Nicolás Tsabertidis.

Dress Designer: Evelina Rusu.

The Maureen Choi Qu4rtet are: Maureen Choi: violin; Daniel Garcia Diego: piano; Mario Carrillo: double bass; Michael Olivera: drums.

“Violinist Maureen Choi is well on the way to finding her voice and even if it takes a few more years she will eventually get there. Already possessed of a strong technique and unafraid to let her emotions show Choi has a plan, which is to eschew la vida loca and answering the call of the music of South America; pursuing its every whisper and every shout through each nook and cranny, unearthing whatever she can find under the rock of tradition. But like every successful recipe, there’s a secret ingredient: in the case of Maureen Choi, it is – and one can only guess, because she isn’t ready to reveal all yet – probably a mistura fina of the Spanish tradition generously spiced with the heat and dust of the Afro-Caribbean tradition.” — Raul da Gama

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