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Grant Richards’ Live Performance of “Ballyhoo”



Grant Richards

Grant Richards – a pianist deeply immersed in bebop and the blues – leads his music in a bold
and emergent new direction with Ballyhoo, an Afro-Cuban celebration of a previously unspoken
dream, finally realized in a tangible elation of musicianship, culture, and unbridled wonder.
Richards, like the great jazz composers throughout history, wrote the music on Ballyhoo not for
generic instruments, but for the specific and unique musical personalities of the musicians in his

Ballyhoo is the title track from my new album, my first excursion into Latin jazz, combining
many elements that get me out of my comfort zone like intricate grooves, odd keys, and the
necessity for precise execution,” Richards shares. “The title implies an excited commotion and
with the crisp performance by my bandmates Damian Erskine, Reinhardt Melz, and Carmelo
, I think this track embodies the exuberance and playfulness I intended for the project as a

Album cover - Grant Richards: Ballyhoo
Album cover – Grant Richards: Ballyhoo

What is Ballyhoo? The word embodies sensation, animation and enthusiasm, and the record at
its core presents all of the same. Ballyhoo was released on September 24, 2021.

Founder, Editor, Webmaster: Latin Jazz Network, World Music Report, That Canadian Magazine. A passionate and committed communicator with a sensibility for the arts based in Toronto, Canada.

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Premiere · Alí Bello’s “Caracas” Video



Alí Bello

Renowned Violinist Alí Bello Premieres First Video From His New Album Inheritance

The song “Caracas” is dedicated to the capital city of Venezuela. In the 60’s and 70’s Caracas was considered the “Jewel of Latin America” and its cosmopolitan boom gave birth to a new style of music known as “onda nueva” (new wave). This style is based in the Venezuelan joropo (in 3/4 metric) and its trademark rhythm is born from the drum set pattern and maracas trot. The style was created by the great composer Aldemaro Romero and it was a reaction and a reinterpretation to the new styles of jazz and bossa nova being popular at the time.

“Caracas” intents to reminiscence on the beautiful and vibrant city and quotes one of Latin America and Venezuela great thinkers, Arturo Úslar Pietri: “Eternity is this permanence of yesterdays without tomorrow in memory”

Renowned Violinist Alí Bello Presents New Album, Inheritance, Leading the Sweet Wire Band. Featuring special guests Regina Carter, Jaleel Shaw, Jeff Lederer & Jorge Glem. Due out May 7, 2021 via Tiger Turn.

Alí Bello is a master of his instrument; a player of extraordinary refinement, who seems to suffuse the violin with a powerful electrical charge as he plays it.” – Raul da Gama / Latin Jazz Network

CD cover: Ali Bello & The Sweet Wire Band · Inheritance
Ali Bello & The Sweet Wire Band · Inheritance

Tiger Turn proudly presents Inheritance, the sophomore release by Venezuelan-born, New York-based violinist and composer Alí Bello. Due out on May 7, 2021, this rich new recording showcases Bello’s unique amalgam of modern jazz and musical traditions from Venezuela and the Caribbean. An entirely original set of nine compositions, Inheritance documents the dazzling compositional output of the acclaimed leader and showcases the spirited rapport of his renowned Sweet Wire Band. Featured special guests include Regina Carter, Jaleel Shaw, Jeff Lederer and Jorge Glem.

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