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CaboCubaJazz – Boas Festas



CABOCUBAJAZZ continues with its irresistible blend of lively Cuban rhythms, beautiful melodies from the Cape Verde islands (West Africa) and adventurous jazz. The collaboration of international top musicians once again results into a completely new sound – the listener and also the dancer is taken on a journey where longing, passion, subtleness and musical fire alternate.

Every Cape Verdean knows end-of-year song BOAS FESTAS – the signature tune of late legendary clarinettist Luis Morais. With a lot of joy and respect CABOCUBAJAZZ added some Cuban flavor and offers a fresh, highly danceable view on this classic, right in time with this pre-release track of the new album CORASON AFRICANO!


Nils Fischer (one of Europe’s top percussionists) and Cape Verdean master-pianist Carlos Matos (Morais’ nephew) started the journey of CaboCubaJazz. Their best musical friends joined immidiately: singers Dina Medina (Cape Verde) and Alberto Caicedo (Colombia) are a perfect match. Alberto is touring all over the world with the most famous Salsa artists and Dina was officially awarded best voice of Cape Verde in 2012. The dream team is completed by stellar musicians: Yerman Aponte from Venezuela on bass, Cuban drummer Armando Vidal, trombonist Pablo Martínez (Spain) and Puerto Rican trumpet ace Joe Rivera.

Special guests BOAS FESTAS
Amik Guerra (Afro Cuban Allstars; Cuba) – trumpet
Luisíto Quintero (Chick Corea, Spanish Harlem Orchestra; Venezuela) – timbales
Pedro Luís Pardo Cosme (Cuba) – tres
Gerardo Rosales (Venezuela) – maracas
Melissa Fortes, Laise Sanches (Cape Verde) – vocals
Nando Vanin (Colombia), Fabian Nodarse ‘Huracán’ (Cuba) – vocals

Earlier, the band garnered worldwide plaudits with their debut album CD ‘Rikeza y Valor’. They have performed at Havana Jazz Festival, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Viersen Jazz Festival, Samui Jazz, in Canada, Finland, Malaysia, Norway, Belgium, Israel, Luxembourg & Austria. CaboCubaJazz is constantly touring in Germany and in The Netherlands.

Latin Jazz Network is a project dedicated to the advancement of Latin jazz and its creators. Since 2000 LJN has been spreading the word about this wonderful music known under the umbrella term: LATIN JAZZ.

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