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Salif Keita Live at Jazz à Vienne Festival on June 25 2021



Salif Keita Live at Jazz à Vienne - Qwest TV

Live music is back in France, so is Jazz à Vienne. The opening concert of the festival’s 2021 edition will be by the legend Salif Keita at the Roman Theatre of Vienne and live streamed exclusively on Qwest TV at 5pm EST/11pm CET on Friday, June 25th. It’s a sold out and highly anticipated performance that remote viewers in the US can watch for free via Qwest TV+ or on the Qwest TV Jazz & Beyond channel on Plex and VIZIO smart TV. 

The story of Salif Keita is that of a long struggle. Chased away from his village when he was very young, the musician set up a foundation for people with albinism, who are often marginalized in Keita’s homeland. He got involved in politics in Mali, devoting his whole life to defending the right to be different–a right he was long denied. Salif Keita is now 70, and after a 50-year career that has made him one of the most famous African musicians in the world, in 2018, he released the album Un Autre Blanc (“another white person”) that he has described as his very last.

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