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Armenian Culture Meets Dominican Spirit for a Knock-out Folk Jazz Project



Ara Arakelyan

Dear friends,

I’m so excited to announce, that after such a long break, Armenian music continues its adventure through different cultures and centuries in multicultural Toronto.

While restarting this exciting journey, we thought that it’s worthwhile to have a throwback to the roots of this project and redo the first ever musical fusion with the title “Armenia meets…”

Armenia meets Dominicana
Friday, September 2, 2022 – 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
Armenian Youth Centre, 50 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, ON M2J 1P6
Tickets at Eventbrite CA$45 – CA$65

Music expresses the emotions, culture and ideas of the nation, and Armenian music is no exception. With rich history that spans folk, religious, pop, classical and everything in between, Armenian music expresses the temperament, happiness, sorrow, wanderings and dreams of its people. However, Armenian music isn’t only felt and understood by Armenians. Over the centuries, more and more nations and countries around the world have listened to, admired and adapted this music. It has proven to be universal language of communication of the myriad of emotions.

Jazz often combines musical elements from various cultures, genres, and time periods, to create new, rich and diverse sounds. We are on our own journey of exploration of the world of cultures through music. This time, our journey brought us back to the warm, rhythmic and inviting Dominicana!

So, On September 2nd, at the Armenian Youth Centre “Armenia meets Dominicana” will make its come back with a brand new repertoire, new band members as well as some of our most favorite pieces from previous projects of “Armenia meets…”

Join us for this exciting Folk-Jazz cultural reunion, filled with elements of Latin and Funk music, and together we’ll explore what happens, when “Armenia meets Dominicana.”

Ara Arakelyan

Armenia meets Dominicana
Armenia meets Dominicana

Web Publisher. Founder, Editor & Webmaster for Latin Jazz Network, World Music Report & That Canadian Magazine. A passionate and committed communicator with a sensibility for the arts based in Toronto, Canada.

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