David Virelles - Gnosis

David Virelles Presents: Gnosis

The pianist David Virelles came to New York via Santiago de Cuba and Toronto. Along the way his vocation as a musician has unfolded...
It's all about Latin Jazz by Dick Brewer

Dick Brewer Presents: It’s All About Latin Jazz

Dick Brewer is a pianist with a fine technique and a sure-footed way around the complexities of the Latin music idiom. However, on It’s...
Hilario Durán: Contumbao

Hilario Durán Presents: Contumbao

Although the brilliant, virtuoso pianist Hilario Durán might be heard in a recording studio warming up by playing a Bach Partita or one of...
Vernon Chatlein: Peace Love Music

Vernon Chatlein: Peace Love Music

Vernon Chatlein is bringing Peace Love Music to the world via the Netherlands, via the Dutch Antilles, via Cuba, where his heart seems to...
Ancestral Memories - Yosvany Terry - Baptiste Trotignon

Ancestral Memories – Yosvany Terry & Baptiste Trotignon

Each of these premiere recordings on Ancestral Memories references the continuum of music written and performed in a series of cycles that seem to...
Julian Gerstin Sextet: The One Who Makes You Happy

Julian Gerstin Sextet: The One Who Makes You Happy

The marketing sheet that promotes The One Who Makes You Happy by the Julian Gerstin Sextet makes mention of the fact that the music...
3D Rhythm of Life: Fantasy

3D Rhythm of Life Presents: Fantasy

If only there was really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then the cover to Fantasy by 3D Rhythm of...
El Septeto Santiagero - Raiz

El Septeto Santiaguero Presents: Raíz

As the footprint and influence of Africa appears to expand into Caribbean and American music, even as the world seems to shrink, we find...
Sean Bellaviti and Conjunto Lacalu: Toronto Mambo

Sean Bellaviti Conjunto Lacalu: Toronto Mambo

If there is one place outside Cuba, El Barrio and the Bay Area, where African music survives and thrives it is in Toronto. This...
Ray Mantilla: High Voltage

Ray Mantilla Presents: High Voltage

In 1932, Duke Ellington wrote one of the most famous songs, one that has not only endured for decades but might also be held...
Ron Francis Blake - Assimilation

Ron Francis Blake Presents: Assimilation

Ron Francis Blake has never strayed too far from actively playing music. The furthest he has ever gone is into an office space in...

ABUC – Roberto Fonseca Live In Montréal

ABUC - Roberto Fonseca Live In Concert at Le Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2017 We climb the myriad stairs of Monument-National, on Boulevard...
Zeynep Ozbilen: Zest

Zeynep Ozbilen Presents: Zest

If the idiocy of so-called “cultural appropriation” were to be taken any more seriously than it is right now, would that ever make it...
Maureen Choi Quartet - Ida y Vuelta

Maureen Choi Qu4rtet: Ida y Vuelta

Violinist Maureen Choi is well on the way to finding her voice and even if it takes a few more years she will eventually...
The Marty Sheller Ensemble: Libre

The Marty Sheller Ensemble: Libre

Thank heavens that Marty Sheller gives us his wonders in small packages – six songs and just over a quarter of an hour of...
Ignacio Berroa - Straight Ahead From Havana

Ignacio Berroa Trio: Straight Ahead From Havana

Ignacio Berroa has a sense of humour – a bit on the wry side – but a sense of humour nevertheless. Clearly a more...
CaboCubaJazz - Corason Africano

CaboCubaJazz Presents: Corason Africano

Despite the fact that the ‘goodies’ are fairly well-distributed among the musicians, one can’t help the feeling that it is the hand – or...
Ralph Peterson, Zaccai Curtis, Luques Curtis - Triangular III

Ralph Peterson, Zaccai Curtis, Luques Curtis: Triangular III

When the Curtis Brothers take a break from business to make music together something magical always happens. On Triangular III they complete a trio...
The Reunion Project - Varanda

The Reunion Project: Varanda

Listening to Varanda by The Reunion Project, I am struck by how they make of music a living, breathing being, drinking in its heady...
Roger Davidson - Oração para Amanhã

Roger Davidson: Oração para Amanhã

Three things occupy the mind of Roger Davidson: spirituality, the romance of music, and Brasil. This might not necessarily be in that order but...