Felipe Salles - The Lullaby Project

Felipe Salles: The Lullaby Project

When you are so perfectly attuned to your ancestry and your culture as Felipe Salles is then you are halfway to producing the most...
Yuri Juárez | Jhair Sala: Lima

Yuri Juárez | Jhair Sala: Lima

Yuri Juárez has been exploring music for the guitar in what he calls “música criolla”, broadly, the Afro-Peruvian cultural topography. Following his epic guitar...

Hamilton de Holanda: Caprichos

Hamilton de Holanda is quite literally one of a kind. True, there are other mandolin players, and some, like Mike Marshall, David Grisman and...
Adonis Puentes - Sabor a Cafe

Adonis Puentes Presents: Sabor a Café

Since around the mid 90s, the influx of fresh Latin American talent in Canada has grown exponentially. Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter Adonis Puentes is one of...
Cabani Jazz Project: Infrasonic

Cabanijazz Project: Infrasonic

With heat from the blue part of the flame – suggesting fire and, at times, ice – in ensemble and solo passages of Infrasonic...

Ithamara Koorax & Juarez Moreira – Bim Bom (Motema Music 2009)

João Gilberto did not just epitomize bossa nova, "The New Thing" that he virtually invented, but he also brought his new laconic vocalastic style to Brasilian music. So deeply passionate and idiosyncratic was his annunciation and intonation that he could wail and groan with equal lyricism. Pitch did not seem to matter as the mood and passion of the emotion often took [...]

Trio da Paz: 30

This is the quintessential Brasilian trio, a power trio if ever there was one, featuring Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta and Duduka Da Fonseca. The...

Yosvany Terry: Today’s Opinion

The work of a troubadour is never over. He traverses the world covering the geography of the liveliest hotspots on the earth as well...

Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Fé/Faith

The thin line between theology and art was blurred in ancient times and this was manifested in the Psalms and in the Song of Solomon—both forms of poetry set to music and completely absorbed by devotion, praise and worship. What characterized this form of poetry and music was the complete surrender of the intellect to the soul. Thus the utter beauty of this art was able to shine with sheer passion and soaring spirituality. This is what characterizes [...]

Ray Obiedo: Latin Jazz Project Vol. 1

The influence of Latin-American music has permeated deep into the fabric of Ray Obiedo’s music as it has done many musicians across the US....

Amanda Ruzza – This Is What Happened

Amanda Ruzza is one of a whole slew of talented musicians to come out of Brasil in recent years. She is a versatile bassist, a fine composer and a musician with an individual voice that appears to have absorbed...
ahama Soul Club: Havana '58

Bahama Soul Club Presents: Havana ‘58

The year “1958” in Havana ‘58 by Bahama Soul Club has rather risqué connotations – raising the spectre the dying days of the Batista...

Greg Diamond: Conduit

In his follow-up to Dançando Com Ale a classic 2009 debut Greg Diamond has produced another remarkable record, Conduit. The guitarist displays increasing...

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet – To Hear From There

Trombonist, Wayne Wallace is very probably one of the most melodic players on his instrument. And although he might inhabit a somewhat narrow range—eschewing the very high register—he is also one of the most expressive trombone players today. His husky tone is one of a kind and gives his playing tremendous character. Moreover, he is one of the few players who comfortable in virtually every idiom and this is something unique as it enables him to extend his playing [...]

Chico Freeman & Heiri Känzig: The Arrival

It is difficult to speak of Chico Freeman in the same terms as you would another saxophonist playing today. He has a heritage that...

Chicago Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble – Blueprints (Chicago Sessions)

Darwin Noguera is a sublime talent. Not only does he have extraordinary technique, something he seems to have worked hard on, but he is...

Orice Jenkins: Soar

There is an easy elegance that you find on Soar the recording by Orice Jenkins, a multi-dimensional musician, who just happens to be a...
UNT Latin Jazz Lab - Little D Town

UNT Latin Jazz Lab: Little “D” Town

The music of Little “D” Town by the UNT Latin Jazz Lab is designed to explode on impact. So be prepared. There are just...

Alex Díaz: Number Seven

The first thing that becomes obvious about Alex Díaz’s beguilingly titled album, Number Seven is that its music is extremely forthright. A number of...

Michel Camilo: One More Once

When Michel Camilo recorded One More Once and released the record on Columbia in the Fall of 1994, it created quite a sensation. Not...