Michel Camilo: Essence

Michel Camilo: Essence

Following his success with his solo album Live in London Michel Camilo returns to revisiting his music on a very large palette – his...

David Virelles – Continuum

There is a living image of a man in chains that sticks in the mind, looking back at the land and home he left; fear in his heart as he crosses oceans in a swart ship, never to return. To comfort himself, he sings and beats the oars...
Ancestral Memories - Yosvany Terry - Baptiste Trotignon

Ancestral Memories – Yosvany Terry & Baptiste Trotignon

Each of these premiere recordings on Ancestral Memories references the continuum of music written and performed in a series of cycles that seem to...

Paquito D’Rivera and Trio Corrente: Song for Maura

Just when it is believed that Paquito D’Rivera is a fine alto saxophonist who also plays clarinet, he goes and makes an album almost...

Danilo Pérez – Panama 500

Danilo Pérez’s recording Panama 500 is remarkable. It is remarkable because it is a herculean task to be able to capture—albeit in snapshots—the history of Panama as it celebrates a landmark 500th anniversary.

Ritmos Unidos: Ritmos Unidos

Patois Records is fast becoming the go-to label for things musically superior in the realm of Afro-Caribbean music. It is hard to find fault...

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis: Live in Cuba

We hear so much big band music these days that we may be at risk of forgetting where the priceless modern day markers really...

Venissa Santi: Big Stuff—Afro-Cuban Holiday

Just what is so special about the vocalastics of Venissa Santi—just what is so singularly unique—is so eminently clear on Big Stuff—Afro-Cuban Holiday, the...

Trumpeter Diego Urcola Presents: Mates – A Collection of Inspired Duets

Mates by Diego Urcola The stories of tea and its discovery—depending upon which part of the world they come from—are delightfully apocryphal. But the taking...

Carmen Souza: Live at Lagny Jazz Festival

It is fulfilling to attend a Carmen Souza concert just to listen to her breathtaking version of “Donna Lee” alone. However, there is much...

The Rodriguez Brothers: Impromptu

Few sets of brothers (as far as sisters go there is always the Labèque sisters) have such surprising material up their sleeves as The...

‘Papiosco’ and Iroko Project: Ancestral

It seems both significant and appropriate that the eminent rumbero, Jorge Luis Torres Paumier “Papiosco” should choose the iconic “Iroko” tree as the title...