Rafael Zaldivar - Consecration

Rafael Zaldivar: Consecration

This album from the Quebec-based Rafael Zaldivar entitled Consecration is completely sonically apposite to almost anything Afro-Cuban you might be used to listening to....

Cristina Morrison: Impredecible (Voces de Mujer)

When Cristina Morrison released Baronesa she may have been considered an vocal artist of boundless promise, but since then and with the advent of...
Omar Sosa & NDR Big Band: es:sensual

Omar Sosa & NDR Big Band: es:sensual

Everything about the music of Omar Sosa seems not only to say that “Tradition is a wonderful reality,” but also something else: “not understanding...
Alfonso Fuentes - Plena - Improvisaciones Para Piano

Alfonso Fuentes: PLENA – improvisaciones para piano

Alfonso Fuentes is better known for his classical work that has been performed – and recorded – by musicians of some of the most...

Josean Jacobo & Tumbao: Cimarrón

The frequency and intensity of Afro-centric music being created and released across the African Diaspora born and bred among the erstwhile Spanish colonies within...

Miguel Zenón: Sonero – The Music of Ismael Rivera

Although Miguel Zenón gave notice of his masterful musicianship long before his first recording, he really rose to eminence around 2005 when he released...

Antonio Adolfo: Samba Jazz Alley

The celebrated Brasilian musician, composer, pianist and pedagogue Antonio Adolfo shows that it is possible to be nostalgic without having to be sentimental on...
Luis Muñoz with Lois Mahalia: The Infinite Dream

Luis Muñoz with Lois Mahalia: The Infinite Dream

Luis Muñoz, one may recall, is a drummer who plays other instruments too. But that is only a part of the picture, as much...
Javier Colina & Pepe Rivero: El Pañuelo de Pepa

Javier Colina & Pepe Rivero: El Pañuelo de Pepa

Sometimes in music you enter through a door and discover that the room you are now in has no walls, no ceiling and no...

Mario Alberto Silva: Pan-American Sonata

The trumpet of Mario Alberto Silva is one of the first sounds that comes through the speakers when you spin his recording Pan-American Sonata,...
César Orozco | Jorge Glem: StringWise

César Orozco | Jorge Glem: StringWise

César Orozco and Jorge Glem reveal their purpose in life even before a note of music is performed on StringWise and it is this:...
Michele Rosewoman's New Yor-Uba: Hallowed

Michele Rosewoman’s New Yor-Uba: Hallowed

Of all of the utterly unique aspects of the music of Michele Rosewoman’s New Yor-Uba, some are more breathtaking than everything else. Firstly, to...