Michele Rosewoman’s New Yor-Uba: 30 Years

Thirty years ago the composer and pianist Michele Rosewoman consummated her deep love for the great island of Cuba and its glorious music...

Desandann: ¡Pwan Dife! (Light The Flame!)

Thanks to their greatest champions outside Cuba, Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer, the extraordinary ten-person vocal ensemble, Desandann has returned after a decade with their second, spell-binding album, ¡Pwan Dife! (Light The Flame!). The album was recorded on the back of Bunnett’s brilliant, Juno award-winning album Embracing Voices, (EMI/Sunnyside Records, 2008) [...]
Alfredo Rodríguez: The Little Dream

Alfredo Rodríguez · The Little Dream

To say that you can never know what to expect from pianist Alfredo Rodríguez would no longer be a surprising observation even if the...
Michel Camilo: Live in London

Michel Camilo: Live in London

In the experiencing of a stage recording by Michel Camilo, such as Live in London, one must contend with a performance that has much...
Samuel Quinto Trio - Salsa N Jazz

Samuel Quinto Trio: Salsa’ N Jazz

There is something about this new Brasilian-born pianist, Samuel Quinto that strikes a vibrant chord in the inner ear. Perhaps it has to do with his wonderful grasp of the joy that abounds in the Brasilian northeast… his sense of “alegria.” Perhaps it also has to do with his mature approach, wonderful use of dynamics, his expression and his innate ability to allow the tonal center of his music [...]

3 Cohens (Anat, Yuval, Avishai): Tightrope

To make this album, Tightrope, with virtually just reeds, woodwinds and brass takes courage. To pull it off requires a very large...

Tiempo Libre: Panamericano

The musical and theatrical finery of Panamericano is going to be quite the sensation in the weeks and months to come, and several years...

Alex Conde: Descarga for Monk

The album Descarga for Monk is a rapturous flamenco record. Yes, it is Thelonious Monk. But it is also Alex Conde. The quintessential Alex Conde…

Fahir Atakoglu: Live At Umbria Jazz

Fahir Atakoglu is no stranger to the festival circuit and it is on one of these performances that this recording was made. Technology has...

Hendrik Meurkens & Gabriel Espinosa with Anat Cohen & Antonio Sanchez: Celebrando

It is most appropriate for Zoho Music to celebrate their 100th recording with harmonica-player Hendrik Meurkens and, among others, bassist Gabriel Espinosa...
Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela - Hands

Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela: Hands

The music on this album, Hands, featuring stellar turns primarily by Spanish guitarist, Pepe Habichuela and British-born bassist, Dave Holland is, quite simply, one...
Adonis Puentes - Sabor a Cafe

Adonis Puentes Presents: Sabor a Café

Since around the mid 90s, the influx of fresh Latin American talent in Canada has grown exponentially. Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter Adonis Puentes is one of...

Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet – Samba Jazz – Jazz Samba

Duduka Da Fonseca brings something altogether new and exciting to the art of drumming: a flair for...

Cristina Braga – Samba, Jazz and Love

Every year I receive lots of recordings from a diversity of Brazilian artists. Most of those recordings are good, but once or twice a...

The Black Butterflies -1 de Mayo (Self Produced – 2010)

A delightful whimsy surrounds the room where 1 de Mayo descends, like a diaphanous sheet of sound amid its celestial wail. So extraordinary is the musical ensemble fronted by the hypnotic sound of Mercedes Figueras’ saxophones; doubly intriguing when entwined with the ululations and caterwauling ablutions of Tony Larokko’s horns. Mercedes Figueras is one of the most exciting saxophonists today. Enormously talented and with a voice [...]

Lorraine Desmarais Big Band: Danses Danzas Dances

Lorraine Desmarais is a Canadian pianist and composer based in Montreal, Quebec. With the release of Danses Danzas Dances, her most recent CD, she...

Music for Peter Gunn: Harmonie Ensemble New York and Steven Richman

As I jazz lover it will always be a pleasure and a privilege to write about Henry Mancini´s music, the ingenious composer and arranger...

Guelph Jazz Festival @ “19” & Going Strong

The Guelph Jazz Festival is always a treat, always offering up a taste of fresh innovative music. On this occasion the festival looked back...
Corina Bartra & The Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra: Uniting Beats

Corina Bartra & The Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra · Uniting Beats

Part of the reason why this music is so compelling is certainly due to the splendid accord with which this ensemble reads these arrangements,...

Brian Lynch Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra: Bolero Nights (for Billie Holliday)

For a fleeting moment -just one fleeting moment- it appears to be a bit of a stretch putting "bolero" and Billie Holiday together...