Gregorio Uribe Big Band: Cumbia Universal

Listeners might never get over the emotion of listening to the Gregorio Uribe Big Band’s Cumbia Universal. It features some of the most spectacular...

The Paul Winter Sextet – Count Me In 1962-1963

The historicity of this Paul Winter Sextet recording, Count Me In: 1962-1963, is significant. The performances came were honed by an ensemble that was...

Emilio Teubal – Música Para Un Dragón Dormido

"When music works in such a glorious manner the individual songs leave their mark not just on the mind, for this would be just...
Buika - La Noche Mas Larga

Buika – La Noche Más Larga

In a recent interview Buika said “I want what Charlie Parker has, I want eternity”. Well, just like Bird, Coltrane, Miles or any other...
Pedro Giraudo Big Band - Cuentos

Pedro Giraudo Big Band: Cuentos

Pedro Giraudo’s purposeful, imaginative and inventive music has rightly gained its own following, which his Big Band’s performance of "Cuentos", an album revolving around a four-part suite...

Alfredo Rodriguez: Sounds of Space

The artistic goldmine that is Cuba continues to give up its riches. Even before Machito was “discovered” by Dizzy Gillespie (and much later, Gonzalo...

Gabriel Espinosa: Songs of Bacharach and Manzanero

To Gabriel Espinosa the Mexican-born bassist-turned-vocalist the essence of emotion is nothing if it cannot be transmigrated across the musical topographies that separate North...
Spanglish Fly: Ay Que Boogaloo

Spanglish Fly: Ay Que Boogaloo

Jonathan Goldman is a proverbial renaissance man who has a doppelgänger -like kinship with James Joyce, but his specialisation is even more unique. He...
Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra - 40 Acres and a Burro

Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra: 40 Acres and a Burro

There may be a tongue-in-cheek aspect to Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra’s album, 40 Acres and a Burro (Zoho Music -...

Steve Khan – Parting Shot (Tone Center – 2011)

Parting Shot (Golpe de Partida) is an extraordinary debut for the guitarist, Steve Khan. He is veteran by any stretch of imagination, but in the company of illustrious peers such as Al Di Meola, Lee Ritenour and others he appears almost self-effacing for this is his first full foray into the realm of the Latin American musical idiom. Khan has always been known for possessing near-perfect technique, which when combined with his whisper-soft [...]
Adrien Brandeis - Euforia

Adrien Brandeis: Euforia

Of course you can learn to keep “clave” time, but if you don’t “feel “ it the way Adrien Brandeis does then you cannot...

Fahir Atakoglu: Live At Umbria Jazz

Fahir Atakoglu is no stranger to the festival circuit and it is on one of these performances that this recording was made. Technology has...

Emir Ersoy – Cuban Portrait (SFW Records 2009)

It should not, but it takes a several fleeting moments to get used to the idea that Cuban Portrait is a record by an accomplished Turkish pianist and musician, Emir Ersoy, who is partnered by other Turkish musicians. It should not and happily, these feelings fade away completely after the last three songs are heard. For the record, though, here is a thought [...]

Hamlet & his Latin Jazz Experience – Descarumbiando (2009)

The Latin Jazz wave is old hat. There are too many hangers-on; too many copy cats and not enough original thinking musicians. But in contrast, the serious craftsmen and women are getting more skilled and penetrating the soul of the Latin ethos – some even growing something akin to “mi Alma Latina” actually. And, of course jazz is today’s “classical” music [...]
Joey Alexander - Countdown

Joey Alexander Presents: Countdown

Once more, Joey Alexander puts all of his debonair virtuosity on display, on Countdown, only his second album. The quality of his playing is...
Victor Assis Brasil - Esperanto e Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim

Victor Assis Brasil: Esperanto / Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim

The first point worth making is that Roberto Quartin’s 1970 recordings of Victor Assis Brasil Esperanto and Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim (now combined by...
Los Rumberos de la Bahia

Los Rumberos de la Bahia · Mabagwe

If when listening to Mabagwe - A Tribute to "Los Mayores" by Los Rumberos de la Bahia you happen to feel that you are...
Alfredo Rodríguez: The Little Dream

Alfredo Rodríguez: The Little Dream

To say that you can never know what to expect from pianist Alfredo Rodríguez would no longer be a surprising observation even if the...

Guillermo Klein – Domador de Huellas (Sunnyside Records – 2010)

Guillermo Klein’s third album for Sunnyside Records is also one of his most beguiling and very possibly one of the most memorable tribute albums of the year. Klein’s album, Domador de Huellas - Music of “Cuchi” Leguizamon, literally “the tamer of the footprints” has a deeply significant meaning. The “footprints” in question are a visceral element of a history that is close to disappearing. In this instance the footprint is also one that Gustavo “Cuchi” Leguizamon left [...]

Laura Andrea Leguía: Saxofón Criollo

It is entirely within the realm of possibility that, eyes shut; the soprano saxophone of Laura Andrea Leguía is engaged in an interminable dance...