Wednesday, November 20, 2019
They were called the “Queens of Havana” in the 30’s when it was anathema for young women to be seen at nightclubs, let alone perform there, and perform they did with savoir faire breaking rules, stirring souls and creating history that would change forever the course of women’s role...
If there is anyone who communicates through music and life it could be said that few people do it better than Paquito D’Rivera. If you have ever been to one of his concerts, you will know that he loves to introduce his songs with anecdotes...
Carlos Santana - Sound of the Heart, Song of the World by Gary Golio
That this book Carlos Santana – Sound of the Heart, Song of the World by Gary Golio is a children’s book should come as no surprise; after all the brevity of its text and the exquisitely-styled illustrations by Rudy Gutiérrez are both a dead giveaway. What is a happy...
In the opening pages of his enlightening and informative book, Juan Tizol- His Caravan through Life and American Culture the author makes no bones about the fact that his purpose in writing the book is to set the record straight and “give credit where credit is due.” Juan Tizol –...
A World of Rhythmic Possibilities by Dafnis Prieto
Drumming is as universal and personal as life itself. This book comes from a great sense of passion and love – a “love story” dedicated to my intimate and lifelong relationship with drumming. After years of gathering many questions about rhythms and drumming, this book became something that I needed...
Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about John Coltrane along comes the children’s book, Spirit Seeker – The Life and Musical Journey of John Coltrane by New York Times bestselling author Gary Golio and award winning illustrator, Rudy Gutiérrez. Commentary by New York Co-Editor/Journalist -...

¡Fuera Zapato Viejo!

Chronicles, Portraits and Interviews about Salsa Music in Bogotá - Many people, including some music lovers, assume that the city of Cali and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts were the places where Colombian salsa music composers and singers created their work, but this book shows us the other story about...
Tito Puente
It was Bobby Sanabria who made what is probably the most authentic observation about Tito Puente and his contribution to music. Mr Sanabria said, “Without Tito Puente there would be no Latin Jazz.” This may well be construed as a somewhat over statement but no one who is a...
Trevor Salloum with Bobby Sanabria - The Conga and Bongo Drum in Jazz
While being interviewed after he was rediscovered by Andy Garcia, the bassist Cachao let it slip that even the great Dizzy Gillespie didn’t always have his rhythmic chops right when he first stirred Afro-Cuban music into the grand design of bebop.