Colette Michaan: Heaven and Earth-Cielo y Tierra

Colette Michaan · Heaven and Earth-Cielo y Tierra

In a world – sadly – dominated by male musicians, the flutist Colette Michaan gets much less respect than she deserves. One wonders, however,...

Ricardo Silveira – Até Amanhã (Adventure Music – 2010)

The music of guitarist Ricardo Silveira flows—especially on Até Amanhã/'Til Tomorrow--flows like an interminable river into the proverbial ocean of sound where a world of music mixes and mingles. Yet the idea that he is only marginally Brazilian is anathema. Silveira’s music ripples and gushes with a forceful swagger recalling, at times, the immensity force Rio Negro. That is when his phrases and lines bubble like with liquefying, steamy splendour [...]

John Santos Sextet: Filosofía Caribeña, Vol. 1

John Santos wants to draw attention to the virtually institutionalized segregation between Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean communities. He has always been painfully aware of this and condemns it in more ways than one. The most damning condemnation of it is his daunting experiments to unify the two communities through the most extraordinary cultural collision: and that is through Filosofía Caribeña, Vol. 1. (Machete Records - 2011), a superb [...]

Ritmos Unidos: Ritmos Unidos

Patois Records is fast becoming the go-to label for things musically superior in the realm of Afro-Caribbean music. It is hard to find fault...
Alfredo Rodriguez - Tocororo

Alfredo Rodriguez: Tocororo

*Editor's Pick - Album of the month - As a pianist, Alfredo Rodriguez is a rare bird, the very epitomé of the one he celebrates...

Cubano Be, Cubano Bop: A Memorable Night in Toronto with Poncho Sánchez

As part of the Royal Conservatory 2012-2013 Season, ¡Qué Rica Cuba! Series, Cubano Be, Cubano Bop: Poncho Sánchez and his Latin Jazz Band featuring...

Miguel Ângelo: Branco

To understand what a musician’s musician can do with the bass today it is wise to listen to the Portuguese bassist for Oporto, Miguel...
Michael Simon - Asian Connection

Michael Simon: Asian Connection

It’s easy sometimes to forget that the extraordinarily-gifted trumpeter and flugelhorn-player Michael Simon came from Venezuela. He has been making a living out of...

Fahir Atakoglu: Live At Umbria Jazz

Fahir Atakoglu is no stranger to the festival circuit and it is on one of these performances that this recording was made. Technology has...
The Reunion Project - Varanda

The Reunion Project: Varanda

Listening to Varanda by The Reunion Project, I am struck by how they make of music a living, breathing being, drinking in its heady...
Yuri Juárez | Jhair Sala: Lima

Yuri Juárez | Jhair Sala: Lima

Yuri Juárez has been exploring music for the guitar in what he calls “música criolla”, broadly, the Afro-Peruvian cultural topography. Following his epic guitar...

Aimée Allen: Matter of Time

This is a slow burner of a disc. Honestly, I was not won at first hearing, Romero Lubambo notwithstanding. But listening is believing...

Pérez Prado & Shorty Rogers: Voodoo Suite

Who knew that Dámaso Pérez Prado, the “Mambo King”, director of Sonora Matancera between 1936 and 1939, long before he formed his iconic mambo...
Yaíma Sáez at Flato Markham Theatre

Yaíma Sáez Brings a Burst of Sunshine from Cuba to Canada

As part of the Cuban Focus Series (2018-2019 Diamond Season) Cuban singer Yaíma Sáez y su Grupo made their debut appearance at the intimate...
Stefano Bollano Trio

Stefano Bollani Trio At Koerner Hall

TD Jazz: The Art of the Trio Concert Series The Royal Conservatory of Music featured the Stefano Bollani Trio & the Roberto Occhipinti Trio on...

Pablo Aslan: Tango Grill

To the unsuspecting ear, Pablo Aslan may sometimes appear to be just a fabulous bassist, with sublime technique and a virtuoso of limitless possibility. But dig a little deeper, especially into this album, Tango Grill and the impossible will seem to appear. Aslan takes the relatively rigid structure of the written music and dance form, the Tango, into a stratospheric space where [...]

Negroni’s Trio – On The Way (2013 Latin Grammy Nominee)

José Negroni’s piano playing is unique. Although he can be lithe and delicate in his expression his touch is generally heavier, almost like the hand of a conguero...

Jeremy Ledbetter’s CaneFire: Pandemonium

Musical ideas appear to come at the gifted Canadian musician and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Ledbetter from many directions. These cannot always be described as “countries...

AfroMantra: This Side of Mestizaje

It is rare indeed for the complex polyrhythms of Chile—indeed all of Latin America—to be so completely subsumed into what is clearly music beyond...
Chano Domínguez - Over The Rainbow

Chano Domínguez: Over The Rainbow

In what has suddenly become the rising tide of Latin Jazz music, Chano Domínguez rides the crest of the wave, his music, surfing in...