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An Interview with Lizt Alfonso

Conversation with Lizt Alfonso: Dancer, Company Founder, Director, Choreographer Extraordinaire By Patricia Bell-Newson According to the British Broadcasting Corporation...

Fidel Morales: “Omío” (Omío Music World)

Review by Guest Author Luis Tamargo Former senior editor of Latin Beat Magazine and music historian Consisting mostly of...

Oscar Valdés, founder of Irakere and now band leader of Diákara

Irakere was Cuba’s invention to enable the Cuban scene to compete with the international rock music development. The innovative band became a great success and won a Grammy in the 70s. The Cuban state cut the success tour when it forced the group to cancel their concerts in the US in favour of local events. The founders Chucho Valdés, Cuba’s most famous pianist until today, and Oscar Valdés, percussionist and singer, are two of Cuba’s [...]

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