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Daily Archives: Feb 2, 2012

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Elio Villafranca is one of the most exciting young trio of pianists to come out of Cuba in recent years; the other two being David Virelles and Aruán Ortiz. That number may well have been a quartet, had Arturo Stable chosen to remain a pianist—an instrument he started out with—before he chose percussion as his means of musical communication. But then again, Villafranca did begin his musical life as a percussionist before he chose the piano as his instrument [...]

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On Further Arrivals two forces of nature come together. One is the molten voice of Brian Lynch’s trumpet and the other is the very exciting European quartet that goes by the name: Bye-Ya! On the face of it this fine ensemble might appear to be a tribute to Thelonious Monk and, indeed, their chattering approach to music might well be the debt they owe to His Great Outness. However, the music dances to a Latin American rhythm and so, these three men and a woman [...]