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Luisito Quintero 3rd Element

Luisito Quintero: 3rd Element

The incidence of percussionists playing music is far greater than musicians who happen to be percussionists. Luisito Quintero falls into the latter category. Luisito Quintero was born in Caracas, … [Read More...]

Essential Albums Revisited

Horace Silver - Song For My Father

Horace Silver: Song for my Father

Of all the iconic recordings of the 50’s and 60’s, Horace Silver’s Song for my Father will always be remembered as one of the finest albums ever recorded by the equally iconic team of Alfred Lion of … [Read More...]

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Chick Corea: The Vigil

Chick Corea is a musical chameleon. Even before playing with Miles Davis he began to experiment with a myriad of idioms—including Spanish and other Latin ones—fusing them into his music, which rose to … [Read More...]

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Vanessa Perea - Soulful Days

Vanessa Perea: Soulful Days

Vanessa Perea might have a particular flair for the theatrical. This is suggested by the manner of her phrasing. Ms. Perea is able to pace herself and tell stories with each song she sings. In the … [Read More...]

Kavita Shah - Visions

Kavita Shah: Visions

To say that Kavita Shah is an artist like no other is not really saying anything new. It is in her singular voice and the tone and manner of her marvellous music that she shines like a star from … [Read More...]

5-star albums – featuring exceptional recordings

Ruben Blades - Tangos

Rubén Blades: Tangos

There is nothing, or possibly very little, by way of music and dance in Latin America—and that includes Argentina—that is not a result of the direct collision of Natives, Africans and Europeans. For … [Read More...]