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Manuel Valera Sr - Recuerdos

Manuel Valera Sr.: Recuerdos

This album, by Manuel Valera Sr. Recuerdos ranks—with Charlie Haden’s Nocturne as one of the most beautiful albums of boleros made in recent times. Mr. Valera is a superb alto saxophonist with a … [Read More...]

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Jazz Samba - Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd

Stan Getz-Charlie Byrd: Jazz Samba

The year 2014 marks fifty-two years after the classic album Jazz Samba, was recorded. There is a very good reason for the extraordinary longevity of this album years after Samba and Bossa Nova was … [Read More...]

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Kellylee Evans - I Remember When

Kellylee Evans: I Remember When

Kellylee Evans does not get the attention she deserves and yet she must be swept up and have arms wrapped around her. That may be about to change. Her gorgeous voice rises to the heavens in rapturous … [Read More...]