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Rebel Tumbao - Rebel Tumbao

Rebel Tumbao: Rebel Tumbao

If good musical art is meant to find the listener catching his or her breath at its beauty, it is also meant to pierce the consciousness—as it entertains, of course—producing a twinge in the … [Read More...]

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Horace Silver - Song For My Father

Horace Silver: Song for my Father

Of all the iconic recordings of the 50’s and 60’s, Horace Silver’s Song for my Father will always be remembered as one of the finest albums ever recorded by the equally iconic team of Alfred Lion of … [Read More...]

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Cuba: The History that Anacaona Made

They were called the “Queens of Havana” in the 30’s when it was anathema for young women to be seen at nightclubs, let alone perform there, and perform they did with savoir faire breaking rules, … [Read More...]


¡Fuera Zapato Viejo!

Chronicles, Portraits and Interviews about Salsa Music in Bogotá - Many people, including some music lovers, assume that the city of Cali and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts were the places where … [Read More...]

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