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Felipe Salles - Ugandan Suite

Felipe Salles: Ugandan Suite

Few practicing musicians in the Jazz idiom have perfected the composition of a suite in the manner that the great Duke Ellington did in his lifetime. This is probably because the writing and … [Read More...]

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Al McKibbon - Black Orchid

Al McKibbon: Black Orchid

Al McKibbon was one of the finest modern melodic bassists. The fact that he could play with the great Herbie Nichols will testify to that fact. Always wise beyond his time, Mr. McKibbon accompanied … [Read More...]

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Carlos Franzetti - In the Key of Tango

Carlos Franzetti: In the Key of Tango

Of the handful of recordings featuring the music of the tango, fewer still occupy rather prominent places in the mind’s mind: the pianist, Amy Briggs’ thoroughly modern Tangos for Piano (Ravello, … [Read More...]

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