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Afro-Cuban - Kenny Dorham

Kenny Dorham: Afro-Cuban

The fabled Spanish tinge has hovered on the fringes of jazz a lot longer ago that it was known to have been introduced into that idiom. Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton may have been the first to “claim” … [Read More...]

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Carlos Franzetti - In the Key of Tango

Carlos Franzetti: In the Key of Tango

Of the handful of recordings featuring the music of the tango, fewer still occupy rather prominent places in the mind’s mind: the pianist, Amy Briggs’ thoroughly modern Tangos for Piano (Ravello, … [Read More...]

Alex Diaz - Number Seven

Alex Díaz: Number Seven

The first thing that becomes obvious about Alex Díaz’s beguilingly titled album, Number Seven is that its music is extremely forthright. A number of factors go into suggesting this. First: the album … [Read More...]

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Warren Wolf: Wolfgang

There is an everlasting quality about Warren Wolf’s recording, Wolfgang. If the ingenious vibraphone virtuoso should at all be diffident about his achievement here it might be appropriate to suggest … [Read More...]


Miguel Ângelo: Branco

To understand what a musician’s musician can do with the bass today it is wise to listen to the Portuguese bassist for Oporto, Miguel Ângelo. On Branco, only his first album as leader he has … [Read More...]

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