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New Throned King - Yosvany Terry

Yosvany Terry: New Throned King

Of all the young Cuban-born musicians and music that springs out of New York, few are as exciting as Elio Villafranca and Yosvany Terry. Both have released new albums. Both are exciting, Both have … [Read More...]

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque

The celebrated Canadian soprano saxophonist is embracing voices again. But these voices are of a slightly different sort. The Creole Choir of Cuba is long gone to other things but Ms. Bunnett is back … [Read More...]

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The Bridge Trio 2

Introducing The Bridge Trio

The Bridge Trio has its roots deeply entrenched in the New Orleans Jazz tradition. Drummer Joe Dyson, pianist Conun Pappas, and bassist Max Moran came together as a group at the New Orleans Center for … [Read More...]

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¡Fuera Zapato Viejo!

Chronicles, Portraits and Interviews about Salsa Music in Bogotá - Many people, including some music lovers, assume that the city of Cali and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts were the places where … [Read More...]

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Felipe Salles - Ugandan Suite

Felipe Salles: Ugandan Suite

Few practicing musicians in the Jazz idiom have perfected the composition of a suite in the manner that the great Duke Ellington did in his lifetime. This is probably because the writing and … [Read More...]