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Kellylee Evans - I Remember When

Kellylee Evans: I Remember When

Kellylee Evans does not get the attention she deserves and yet she must be swept up and have arms wrapped around her. That may be about to change. Her gorgeous voice rises to the heavens in rapturous … [Read More...]

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Diego Pinera - Strange Ways

Diego Piñera: Strange Ways

Drummers sometimes make the most interesting bandleaders, especially when they gently nudge the other musicians in the ensemble into developing contrapuntal responses to odd meters and pulses. This … [Read More...]

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Ruben Blades - Tangos

Rubén Blades: Tangos

There is nothing, or possibly very little, by way of music and dance in Latin America—and that includes Argentina—that is not a result of the direct collision of Natives, Africans and Europeans. For … [Read More...]